LATS Senior Awards

Guillermo Juvenal

Winner 2019


Dr Juvenal is a senior researcher who has provided strong findings to the thyroid knowledge in Latin America, with worldwide impact. He published many papers in peer reviewed journals, News and Comments, Book Chapters, and Gene Bank Publications. Besides, he has mentored several Postgraduate, Master and PhD Thesis. Interestingly, he participated in several conferences and seminars in National Hospitals, Universities and Institutes, in Argentina and in many countries. His actual position is Chief Biochemistry Division, Radiobiology Department, Atomic Energy Commission, Superior Researcher at CONICET.

Worthy to note, his career also includes a long list of Academic Positions for graduate and post graduate activities at prestigious universities. Just to mention some of them, at the University of Buenos Aires, Favaloro University, National University of General San Martin, Austral University, and University of Tucuman.

Notably, he served in several positions to LATS, including the Executive and Scientific Committees many times. He was the Elected LATS President for the 2005-2007 period, and he was LATS President during 2007-2009 years. He was also the Chair of the Organizing Committee of the X LATS Meeting, at Villa Carlos Paz in 2003.