LATS Senior Awards

Mário Vaisman

Winner 2007


Mário Vaisman obtained a M.D. in 1980 from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and a Ph. D. in 1986 at the same institution with a dissertation on the changes in peripheral subpopulations of T lymphocytes and electron microscopy induced by antithyroid drugs in patients with Graves’ disease. He has been working as a professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro since 1978, first as Assistant ,and then, in 1980 he became Associate Professor . Since 2005 he was nominated Full Professor of Endocrinology. At the University, Dr Vaisman has participated in many functions such as: Chief of Internal Medicine Department and Director of Post Graduate Programs. During his academic life, Dr Vaisman has mentored 20 PhD theses and 30 MD dissertations, as well as participated in undergraduate courses every year. Since 1989 he has received a research grant from the National Council of Research, Ministry of Science and Technology. During this time he was an enabler for many grants and provided funds for equipments, supplies and salaries for graduate students. Currently the main areas of interest are: cancer, autoimmunity and subclinical thyroid disease. He has published around 100 papers and Edited 6 books and was invited to write more than 15 chapters in different books. Dr Vaisman is afilliated to the Brazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Latin American Thyroid Society and American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. He also collaborates with many Journals as a member of the Editorial Committee- Growth Hormone and IGF research, Arquivos Brasileiros de Endocrinologia e Metabologia, and as a reviewer- Brazilian Journal of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological.