September Is Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

Thyroid tumors represent about 1% of the global cancer burden. Papillary thyroid cancer is the most frequent histological subtype and has the most favorable prognosis. The relation being about 3 to 1 in females compared to men. There are somehow other subtypes with worse prognosis.

In Central and South America thyroid cancer was the sixth most common cancer diagnosed among females. Thyroid cancer incidence has been steadily increasing over the past few decades in Europe, North America, and some Asian and South American countries. Paradoxically, mortality has not increased in parallel.

Cancer registries that systematically collect information on clinical stage and tumor size in order to evaluate whether the increases in thyroid cancer trends are due to over-diagnosis of smaller indolent thyroid cancers, would be ideal in Latin America. There are studies in smaller populations from each country that could be extrapolated to the whole population. In fact, in Argentina, patients from the “Obra Social de la Policía Federal Argentina” were studied during the period 2012-2016 and an incidence of 11.83 new cases /100000 inhabitanst/year (17.24 new cases /100000 in women and 6.12 new cases/100000 in men) was reported, these figures being 3 fold higher than those of the first registries in 1981.

In Brazil and Argentina there have been also efforts to analyze newer ways of stratifying the risk of recurrence of patients with thyroid cancer in a dynamic way adapting therapeutical decisions in an individualized fashion similarly to what has been recently proposed by authoritative guidelines worldwide.

In all, thyroid cancer has an excellent prognosis when diagnosed early.  September is the month chosen for the Awareness of Thyroid Cancer and LATS wants to join the efforts of many organizations worldwide in the strong desire to achieve cure of all kinds of thyroid cancer. 


September 24th, 2017