1th Latin American International Satellite Symposium at the ATA Meeting was a success

Held for the first time by the American Thyroid Association (ATA), The Latin American Satellite Symposium was attended by experts from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, among them some LATS members, such as president Gabriela Brenta (Argentina), who coordinated the Update table on thyroid dysfunction in Latin America alongside with Alejandro Sosa Caballero (Mexico) (photo).

The Symposium it happened during the 88th Annual Meeting of the ATA, on October 3, in Washington DC.

Group of the professors who attended at the Symposium.

Round table of thyroid nodules at ATA, coordinated by doctors Fernanda Vaisman (Brazil) and Laura Boucai (Argentina). This part of the program was organized by Dr. Erivelto Volpi (Brazil).

October 4th, 2018