Recently, several media outlets have reported that mammography and X-rays increase the risk of thyroid cancer. The statements, circulated during the Brazilian " Rosa October ", which is the breast cancer awareness month in Brazil, generated many doubts and concerns about the need to use a thyroid protector during mammography.


Thus, we have to reaffirm that there are no consistent studies or statistics demonstrating that a woman undergoing mammography has a higher risk of thyroid cancer. There might be other factors involved in the increased rate of this type of tumor, such as environmental factors. Several published studies show that mammography does not expose the thyroid to harmful X-rays doses. The radiation dose to the thyroid during a mammogram is extremely low, less than 1% of the dose received by the breast, and the radiation emitted by the environment at the time of the examination is higher than this dose.

LATS points out that the use of a thyroid protector is not recommended for mammography. This position is in agreement with other national entities (Brazilian College of Radiology, Brazilian Society of Mastology and the Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations) and international institutions such as the American College of Radiology, American Society for Breast Disease, American Thyroid Association and International Atomic Energy Agency.

"It is important to perform routine screening, such as mammography from the age of 40, which is the most important way to detect early breast cancer. There is no reason to say that mammography causes a thyroid cancer, "concludes LATS President Denise Carvalho.

Published in NOV 25, 2016 Mais notícias.

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